Creating Pathways to College

Impact360 works intensively with underserved students in Denver public schools, from their sixth grade year through high school. Every participant graduates from high school and is prepared to choose college.

Understainding Success

Impact360 works hard and plays hard; it is the only way to make forward progress. In ongoing efforts to improve our understanding of how our young stakeholders learn to become successful students, who come to see themselves as being successful learners who want college as a realistic next step, Impact360 is reconsidering the very idea of evaluation. Click here to see how we think about evaluation.

Calendar of Events

Impact360 runs year-round. During the academic year, Impact360 is in session Monday through Saturday, and during the summer months, Impact360 is in session Monday through Friday. Join us for a visit, to volunteer, compete with or against our scholar-athletes, or just come to see how our programming runs.

Cycling and Squash

Impact360 students join one of two athletic communities, the cycling community or the squash community. Impact360 started with the squash community in 2008, introducing students to the game of squash and providing them with opportunities to compete and hone their skills through camps and related tournaments. Then, in 2015 Impact360 expanded its programming to leverage the large, diverse, and experienced cycling community to assist those who wanted to achieve more in life. It won’t be long before Impact360 students begin to travel through Denver and the surrounding counties to see all that Colorado has to offer.

Check out our first annual bicycling, fundraising and spirt championship. For more info, click the icon below.

Meet Some of Our Students

Person Name
Primo 7th Grade Primo joined Impact360 in 2015 “I just joined Impact360 because I love biking…summer camp was hard but a lot of fun…I got to take my Impact360 bike home with me…that is awesome.”
Person Name
Jessica 7th Grade Jessica joined Impact360 in 2015. “I tried out for Impact360 because some of my friends tried out…not all of my friends made it. I made it…I am glad that I decided to try.”
Person Name
Alexandra 9th Grade Alexandra joined Impact360 in 2013. “Impact360 has changed my life… not only do I finish all of my assignments, but I understand how important turning in quality work is.”
Person Name
Paola 12th Grade Paola joined Impact360 in 2009. “Impact360 means that I have an opportunity to engage in an amazing sport and be surrounded by people who are considerate and are willing to help me when I am struggling academically.”
16,280 Contact Hours
84% Average Attendance (%)
19,440 Miles Traveled
99 Service Hours

Why Join Impact 360?

  • The academic support that we receive is really important. We are more successful in school because we have access to great tutors who are willing to work with us at the pace we need. Because of the Academic support:

    • We don’t skip classes
    • We are more involved in school
    • We feel like we belong in school
    • We are more successful
  • Life Skills sounds a little funny but the community service we do is a ton of fun and while traveling was scary at first it isn’t scary any more. We love it. Because of the Life Skill programming:

    • We meet great people
    • We make new friends
    • We see awesome new places
  • Playing a sport has been great. Not only do we train for tournaments but also we train for life. We get to talk with our counselors about the pressures we feel…it is just really nice to be part of a team.

    • We stay fit playing squash or going on rides
    • We try to make healthy choices about food
    • We know what healthy relationships look
    • We know how to seek out assistance
    • We know how to prepare for a tournament, a ride, or a test.

Get Involved with impact 360

Parent Information
  • - Parents, grandparents, or guardians can attend select practices and watch their children participate in practice.
  • - Parents, grandparents, or guardians can join in on fieldtrips as chaperones, helping to ensure that students get as much as possible out of every trip.
  • - Parents, grandparents, or guardians can come in to Impact360 to talk about their children and how they are progressing.
  • - Parents, grandparents, or guardians can join the Parent Advisory Board and help shape the work of Impact360.
  • - Parents, grandparents, or guardians can attend the Speaker Series and learn how to support their children in new ways.
Volunteer Your Time
  • - Impact360 benefits from the support of an amazing volunteer base that gets involved in almost all aspects of Impact360. Volunteering is helping to transform a life.
  • - Volunteer to be an academic tutor.
  • - Volunteer to coach a student or group of students.
  • - Volunteer to be a mentor.
  • - Volunteer your expertise with an Impact360 project.
  • - Volunteer to help run an event.
  • - There are endless ways to join the Impact360 family. Click to go to the Volunteer page.
  • - Financial donations are a part of what make Impact360 possible. Over the course of the year, Impact360 provides multiple ways to make financial donations.
  • - Events: Impact360 puts on or is the beneficiary of a number of athletically inspired events. From the Anschutz-Hunt Challenge Cup to the Wheels on the Ground cycling event, Impact360 works to engage its core squash and cycling community members.
  • - In-Kind: Impact360 is the beneficiary of a number of in-kind donations. From both of its campuses to its bikes and squash racquets, Impact360 benefits from in-kind donations.
  • - Corporations: Corporations donate to Impact360 in a number of ways. Corporations can sponsor events, the team, travel, etc. and will often match individual financial donations.
  • - Individuals: Individuals are encouraged to make financial donations in support of specific activities (e.g., camps, tournaments, etc.), projects (e.g., one-to-one computers), or apparel (e.g., team uniforms).

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