Health And Wellness

Health and Wellness Programming provides students with access to essential health and wellness resources throughout the school year and summer months for all Impact360 students.

  • Squash: Squash is the anchor sport for students who join Impact360 from West Leadership. Students join the local squash community and the United States Squash Racquet Association: learn the fundamentals, become certified referees, develop into completive players, and travel the country to compete in tournaments (grades 6-12).
  • Cycling: Cycling is the anchor sport for students who join Impact360 from West Generation Academy. Students join the local cycling community and Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado: learning to be safe cyclists, mechanically proficient, and serious riders who compete in and volunteer at local and regional events (grades 6-12).
  • Mental Health support: Equally important to a healthy lifestyle is social emotional health. In group and individual settings, students work with on-site counselors, and middle school students participate in a range of social emotional classes (grades 6-12).
  • Human Development: Students participate in human development classes as early as 7th grade and continue building their understanding of the human body and healthy relationships through 11th grade (grades 7-11).
  • Fitness: In addition to participating in an anchor sport, students work with the Fitness Coordinator to ensure that they maintain balanced bodies that are responsive to an everyday active lifestyle (grades 6-11).
  • Drug and Alcohol Counseling: Students participate in short curricular units on the impact drugs (e.g., narcotics, stimulants, depressants) and alcohols have on a developing body and brain (grade 7, 9,11 – 12).
  • Nutrition: Woven into Squash and Cycling activities, coaches work to inform students about the importance of eating properly and how to identify foods that will support high levels of performance (grades 6-12).