Life Skills

Life Skills Programming provides students with access to opportunities and resources that have a general impact on preparation for future learning.

  • Community Service: Bi-monthly community service projects connect students to a larger world, engaging them for the benefit of others (grades 7-12).
  • Financial Literacy: Students participate in basic financial literacy lessons with Young American’s Bank, learning about such basic concepts as budgeting, saving, debt, and credit (grades 8-10).
  • Mentoring: Each student is paired with a caring adult to develop an additional relationship, one that is supportive and nonjudgmental (grade 8-12).
  • Speaker Series: The Speaker Series is for families. It connects our families with leaders in the community who have similar backgrounds and who have used education to shape their lives. Speaker series events are twice a year (grades 6-12).
  • Camps: Students have the opportunity to apply to one of several camps that provide our students with scholarship opportunities. These camps provide additional opportunities to challenge one’s self (grades 7-11)
  • Internships: During the summer before senior year, students apply for local internships that last up to six weeks. These internships provide students with much needed work experience and may lead to summer job opportunities during college.