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Impact360 programming occurs year-round and runs on a 7-year cycle, 6th grade through 12th grade – students join in 6th grade and graduate in 12th grade. Through an intentional and spiraled curriculum, and a number of key collaborative efforts, Impact360 programming is designed to empower its students to meet their academic and personal potential. Impact360’s approach positions itself as a dynamic and active advocate in the student/family/school relationship, allowing Impact360 to best support its participants. Impact360 programming falls into three main categories of core content and related supplemental efforts that compliments the work of the school and the family:

  • Each student engages in 9 hours of programming per week during the school year (programming runs Monday – Saturday).
  • Each student engages in up to 35 hours of programming per week for five weeks during the summer months.
  • Each student participates in 450 hours of programming per year and up to 3100 hours of programming over the duration.